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Fiber Optical Multiplexers

Our Fiber Optical Multiplexers are engineered to provide reliable transmission of data and video signals in demanding applications, industrial systems and other harsh environment platforms. As a key manufacturer & exporter in this field, we design innovative products that support a broad range of customers' needs. With proven designs and sophisticated technologies, our Fiber Optical Multiplexers are widely accepted for their leading-edge performance in stringent industrial applications. They are fully integrated and utility-grade for all your communication and networking requirements.  


  • Designed for cost-effectiveness and maximum utility.
  • Simple (plug & play) installing and strong enclosures.
  • Utility grade, effective protection and automation.
  • Ideal for private network access for office buildings, campus, and mobile networks.
Fiber Multiplexers
Fiber Multiplexers


  • Upto 8E1 links and complete bandwidth 100Mbps Ethernet passage multiplexed into fiber optic uplink.
  • Gives 4 Channel Ethernet interfaces, support VLAN.
  • Ethernet interface rate is 10/100M, half or full duplex ,automatic adaptable
  • Support twin fiber port 1+1 shield and automatic guard switch(APS)
  • Offers 1 channel EOW port(optional)
  • Local device analyses the far-off device functioning condition
  • If optical lose signal it can discover the distant device is switched off or is disconnected, and LED shows an alarm
  • Provide 1 expansion interface
  • -48VDC/110/220VAC elastic power inputs
Fiber Optical Multiplexers
Fiber Optical Multiplexers
Fiber Interface(Main and backup)
  • Number of Ports:2(1+1)
  • Optical Wavelength:
    •  850/1310nm for multi-mode fiber
    •  1310/1550nm for single-mode fiber
  • Transmission Distance:20-150km
  • Fiber Optical Interface type: FC/SC/ST/LC
  • DATA Rate:150 Mb/s
  • Typical Output Power
    • Single mode 1310/1550nm:-8dBm
    • Multi- mode 850nm:-18dBm
    • Multi- mode 1310nm:-25dBm
  • Receiver Sensitivity:-36dBm
Fiber Optical Multiplexers
Fiber Optical Multiplexers

Standard Type



Gigabit Ethernet over STM-1Aggregation Protocol Convertor support Encapsulation Protocols: HDLC


Gigabit Ethernet over STM-1Aggregation Protocol Convertor support Encapsulation Protocols: HDLC/PPP-BCP(RFC3518)/GFP-F

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